Transportation / Plastic Parts (Interior and Exterior)

Plastic Parts (Interior and Exterior)

With an ever more important need for better fuel-economy in cars there has been an ongoing replacement of metal parts by polymeric materials (compounds and composites) without sacrificing on performance and safety.  These polymeric materials can either be thermoplastic materials or thermosetting materials. The Sibelco mineral fillers that can be used to provide the properties of these thermosets is explained elsewhere in the tool.

Air inlet duct for car:

For applications where thermoplastics are being used, Sibelco offers minerals that improve :

  • Noise-reduction (Baryte)
  • Flexural Strength (Wollastonite, Talc)
  • Impact Strength (Wollastonite, Talc)
  • Scratch Resistance (Nepheline Syenite)

or which can just be used as an economically effective extending filler.