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Mineral: ATH

ATH (aluminium tri hydrate, chemical formula Al(OH)3is an intermediate product of aluminium production, characterised by:

  • High purity
  • High whiteness
  • Relatively low density of 2.4g/cm3 compared to other mineral fillers, which are typically at 2.7g/cm3
  • Medium Mohs hardness of 3
  • Decomposition around 200°C, releasing water


Basic properties

Property Value Unit
Moisture < 0.4 [%]
pH 9 [-]
Hardness (Mohs) 3 [-]
Refractive index 1.57 [-]
Electrical conductivity 60 [µS/cm]
L.O.I. 34.5 [%]
Density 2.4 [kg/ dm3]



Product Grade D50


Portaflame SG 10 S8 3.8


Production locations: Maastricht (NL)

Application: Portaflame SG10 S8 product makes formulations flame retardant, and improves the electrical and mechanical properties. It is also more hydrophobic than regular Portaflame SG10, which helps the overall hydrophobicity of the silicone compound. Better hydrophobicity improves the arc-resistance in conditions where there is a lot of dust/ dirt in the atmosphere.




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