Plastic Film / Film Packaging

Film Packaging

Our products for film packaging are highly effective additives in changing the surface of plastic films hereby reducing blocking, the tendency of plastic films to stick together when brought together. This is a non-desirable effect in the processing of the film as well as during use of the film or the plastic bags made herewith.

To overcome the blocking phenomenon, our additives may be added to create a micro surface roughness with particles protruding from the smooth film surface.

Without our solution                                                                 With our solution 

When selecting an anti-blocking additive the following criteria need to be carefully considered:

  1. Good compatibility between the anti-blocking additive and the resin (PE, PP, PVC, PET, PA) in which it will be used 
  2. Refractive Index of the anti-blocking additive as close as possible to that of the resin ensuring optimal optical (clarity, picture right and haze, picture left) properties of the film
  3. Compliance with global food regulations
  4. Efficiency of the anti-blocking as measured by the coefficient of friction (CoF) – this is often determined for the anti-blocking additive in combination with an anti-slip agent. There is a static and dynamic CoF
  5. Size of the mineral particle in relationship with the thickness of the film – particle size is indicated by d50
  6. Surface area (porosity) of the particle: lower surface area (porosity) leads to higher loading of the anti-blocking additive in a masterbatch and also to more efficiency of the lubricant or slip-agent when added to the same masterbatch – surface area is indicated by BET or OAN
  7. No negative impact on the mechanical properties of the film
  8. Hardness of the mineral particle – abrasion during processing

Sibelco offers a range of products and grades based on different minerals to allow the film-processor to make the proper selection for the specific requirements of the film given the above criteria:

Product Name Mineral Available
Sibelite M Cristobalite Globally
Nepheline S /Minbloc HC Nepheline Syenite Globally
Imsil Microcrystalline Silica Globally
Siltech Composite Asia