Silica Composite

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Composite is a high quality (thin film transistor glass) processed glass and not a mineral (a mined material). One can regard it as a “reworked” blend of minerals.

Siltech G and Sibelite are the product names for Sibelco’s products produced from recycled glass.


Siltech G is used as an extending filler for sealants, adhesives and silicone rubber.


Adding Sibelite to the resin for film addresses the issue of blocking (the sticking together of two filmsurfaces) during the production of the film, converting of the film and during the end-use of the film in packaging (including making of bags) and in agriculture.


Sibelite has a refractive index very close to that of a variety of polymer systems used in producing film.  This results in excellent clarity films with low haze. Different Minbloc SC grades are available to have optimal anti-block performance for different film thicknesses.

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