Microcrystalline Silica

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Microcrystalline silica is made from alpha-quartz, a polymorph of quartz in which the crystals are small to the extent that they are only visible under high magnification.


For further information on microcrystalline silica please visit the page of the tool with the name “Quartz”.

Imsil and Sibelite are the product names for all Sibelco’s grades based on microcrystalline silica, the latter specifically designed as an additive for film.


Imsil Silica fillers are easily wetted and dispersed in either solvent or water-based systems, and is selected for its excellent tint retention, durability over prolonged exposure and resistance to dirt and weathering. This product has a median particle size of 9.2 microns.


Sibelite is used to address the issue of blocking (the sticking together of two filmsurfaces) during the production of film, converting of the film and during the end-use of the film in packaging (including making of bags) and in agriculture.


Sibelite has a refractive index close to that of a variety of polymer systems used in producing film. This results in high clarity films with low haze. Different Sibelite grades are available to have optimal anti-block performance for different film thicknesses.

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