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Microcrystalline Silica

Mineral: Micro-crystalline Silica


In APAC and US, Sibelco’s micro-crystalline Silica products are used in formulations for thermal management.

Microcrystalline silica is made from alpha-quartz, a polymorph of quartz in which the crystals are small to the extent that they are only visible under high magnification.

For further information on microcrystalline silica please visit the page of the tool with the name “Quartz”.



Name Grade D50
Imsil A8 1.6
A10 2.4
A15 3.5
A25 6.0
A30 8.1
1240 9.2
A75 11.3


Production Location: Elco, Illinious USA


Imsil products have good electrical insulating properties and heat conductive properties. They also have a reinforcing effect and also allow the skilled formulator to make a low viscosity compound that easily flows into the smallest crevices.

Functionalities: Performance

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