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Encapsulation and Potting Systems

Encapsulating and Potting systems are used to protect delicate (micro-) electronic components against external factors like dust, chemicals, heat, humidity, vibration and thermal shock. They can either be hard and tough materials or very soft (gels). They are often formulated with epoxy-resins, silicones and urethanes. They need to have good dimensional stability upon cure (low shrinkage) and be able to dissipate the heat from the device to prevent thermal stress.

The difference between encapsulating and potting is that in case of encapsulating the device is placed in a mold, filled with the material, material is cured and the mold is removed for further use. Potting only differs from encapsulation in that the “mold” is now permanent and becomes part of the device.

Sibelco’s mineral fillers are used in these systems to improve the following properties:

  • Dimensional Stability (Silica)
  • Heat Dissipation (Silica and ATH)
  • Flame retardancy (ATH)
  • Moisture resistance (Silica)