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Wood Plastic Composites

Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) are more and more becoming an eco-friendly alternative to natural wood as it can be made with recycled (plastic) and waste (wood-flour) material. WPC has also some advantages over natural wood  as it is a more durable product than natural wood and requires less maintenance. Natural wood with its long fibrous structure is still the preferred material for more demading structural applications. Typical applications for WPC are decks, benches, picnic-tables, playground toys…

WPC are made with thermoplastic virgin or recycled resin (mostly PE-, PP-, PVC-, or PLA  based), would flour, mineral fillers and additives (coupling agents, colorants, processing aids…)


Common fillers in WPC are calcium carbonate and talc.


Sibelco offers mineral fillers to improve the final properties of the WPC by partially or completely substituting ground calciumcarbonate and talc.


Sibelco’s nepheline syenite based minerals are cost-effective and deliver the following benefits to WPC:

  • Better UV resistance
  • Improved scratch and mark resistance
  • Colour retention