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Mineral: Quartz/ Silica


Quartz (silica, SiO2) is the core mineral within the Sibelco group and can be found in a broad number of applications, such as glass, ceramics and polymers. 

When just processed to obtain a certain granulation, but not milled nor calcined, the products are called Silica Sand M. 


Quartz can be characterised by:

  • Relatively high Mohs hardness of 7
  • Low electrical conductivity
  • Easy to wet
  • High inertness in various media
  • Shape (depending on the source, quartz particles can have an angular or more rounded shape)

Note when using quartz: depending on the particle size distribution of the product, it can be labelled (STOT RE 2 or STOT RE 1). For more detailed information, visit


Basic properties

Property Value Unit
pH 7 [-]
Hardness (Mohs) 7 [-]
Refractive index 1.55 [-]
Colour (D65/ 10°) L* 72 [-]
L.O.I. < 0.3 [%]
Density 2.65 [kg/ dm3]




Product Grade D50


Silica Sand  M31 370
M32 265
M34 170


Production locations: Dessel (BE)

Applications: Silica sand is being used in this application to reduce slip. It also reflects the sunlight and therefore reduces the heating up of the surface and lowers its temperature of the structure below.

Functionality: Safety, Cost

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