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Roofing / Liquid Membranes

Liquid Roofing Membranes are on-site installed membranes resulting in a seamless roofing system. They can be based on different resin-systems (polyester, polyurethane and acrylate/ metacrylate and others). In the formulations of these products mineral fillers play an important role.


The liquid membrane is the top layer of a composite roofing system underneath. The membrane needs to be durable and flexible (accommodating thermal shrinkage and expansion of the underlying roofing system and building structure).


Mineral fillers can improve the performance of the cured liquid membrane:

  • By making them flame-retardant (ATH)
  • By supporting the IR reflection in order to keep the temperature of the underlying room/building low, thereby reducing the energy consumption and costs (Silica),
  • By providing resistance towards UV and thereby improving the longevity of the roofing system (ATH, Barytes and Silica)
  • By providing anti-slip properties (Silica)

Barytes also help flowability and thereby the ease of application of the uncured liquid membrane.