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Flooring / PVC Resilient

PVC is a material commonly used in flooring products, whether it be laminate, resilient flooring or as tiles (called LVT, Luxury Vinyl Tiles or CVT, Composite Vinyl Tiles).

Resilient flooring is elastic in nature and has a dampening effect.  Resilient flooring is a multi-layer construct, manufactured by applying PVC plastisols in different layers (base, foam and wear) onto a synthetic fabric and coated with often a PU coating. During the process different prints and patterns (even 3-dimensional, e.g. by embossing ) can be included in the construct. 


The PVC plastisols are a mixture of PVC-dispersions, fillers, plasticisers and depending on layer different additives, e.g. the foaming layer will contain a blowing agent (if chemically foamed).  The PVC particles in the plastisol fuse together by exposing the plastisol to heat. 


Sibelco offers mineral fillers that improve processing (better fusion) and final properties of the construct, flame-retardancy and anti-slip (e.g. in case of safety flooring).