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Flooring / Carpet Backing


Our ATH brings following benefits:

  • Flame retardancy
  • Halogen free
  • Non-toxic and no smoke 
  • Economical


Extra info:


All carpet has some type of backing system or chemistry that helps keep the tufts in place. Backing systems are made from a variety of materials and may also come with various kinds of protective treatments (such as anti-microbial or anti-stain) or beneficial properties (such as anti-static or flame retardant).

Carpet backing systems generally comprise a primary backing and a chemical adhesive. 


Frequently, a secondary backing is included. In the most common system, the yarn is secured into the primary backing by synthetic latex, and a secondary backing (or cushion) is attached with a bonding agent or adhesive to provide further pile-yarn stability and to add dimensional stability to the carpet structure. 

The term secondary backing refers to any fabric laminated to the tufted carrier (primary) backing of a carpet to provide additional dimensional stability. In manufacturing, a latex compound consisting of styrene butadiene rubber (SBR or SB Rubber) and filler (such as calcium carbonate or ATH) is typically used as a pre-coat and as a laminate. Sometimes also polyurethane is being used. Due to an ever increasing awareness of safety in buildings, international building regulations now contain tests and criteria  for fire retardancy and smoke suppression (preferably without the use of Halogen containing compounds).